Dream platform for dreamer and doer

Jiran means

“Pure and honorable friendship”

Jiran has grown its business for 25 years as a leading security software company in South Korea.
With more than 40,000 corporate customers and worldwide partners, Jiran strives to be the one of leading IT company in the world.
Today, Jiran focuses in security, collaboration, cloud, mobile application, and software solutions.
Our business in Japan, Indonesia, United states, and Singapore create even greater possibilities to improve business solution for people around the world.
No.1 market share in South Korea
Jiran ranks No.1 in Anti-spam solution, email protection, and DLP.
850% growth rate
The growth rate of Jiran over the past decade is 850%.
1/3 of the population
1/3 of the population of South Korea use Jiran service.
28 subsidiaries
The number of Jiran’s subsidiaries.
We dream big and we dream bigger

Jiran as Dream platform

Our vision is to become a global top 100 SW company which values billion dollars.
We are all different and we have different dreams.
Another Jiran’s dream is to help employees to achieve their dreams.
We are focusing on developing valuable ideas from partners and employees.
Every year, we have a Dream Contest which allows people to present their ideas.
When the idea got selected, you will get full support to make your ideas come to life.
With Jiran, your dreams can come true.

Core values

We believe earning trust and building relationship with customers, partners, and employees are important than any other aspects.
We are not afraid to try new challenges and take risks because we are here together to reach our dreams.
Challenge : We respond to evolving market conditions and customer demands agilely with leading technology.
Responsibility : We mean what we say and take responsible for our actions.
Trust : We achieve business growth by improving credibility with customers and partners.
Social Impact : We perform its social responsibility through building the culture of sharing and being ethical.