About Us

Dream platform for dreamer and doer



Since the company foundation in South Korea, Jiran has been moving forward with the goal of achieving the vision of ”3x100”. “3x100” means #1. becoming the world’s 100 largest software company with #2. $100 million annual revenue by 2018, and #3 make company lasts 100 years. All of Jiran employees work together as a team to make the dream come true in the future.




Dream Platform

Jiran’s dream platform supports the employees who strive to improve the value and profits of the company. We are different and we have different dreams. Another Jiran’s dream is to help employees to achieve their dreams. We are focusing on developing valuable ideas from partners and employees. With Jiran, your dreams can come true.



Jiran hits $100 million annual revenue

In 2018, Jiran achieved $100 million (1,000 billion KSW) domestic software sales revenue. As Korean software company, only few major Korean software companies have achieved $100 million sales revenue with their own solutions if we exclude large companies, foreign companies, games, PG (pay), SI, and service area. Jiran is leading the Korean software industry with major software companies.